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We create high-end security systems that work alone or in combination with security personnel. We also provide you with training to use the technology.

high end security systems

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You can trust us for your CCTV installation and maintenance.

We can advise on the type, number and integration of cameras. Our team will help you design the system and install it as well as providing training. We offer a wireless rapid deployment alternative to outdated fixed systems.

CCTV Towers

Rapid deployment for temporary security. Can connect to multiple wireless sensors and include thermal camera.

Our technologically advanced CCTV towers are highly versatile and completely customisable to suit your needs. We have options ready for rapid deployment to suit small or large sites.

Hybrid CCTV Tower

Here’s an excellent way to install temporary remote security running on renewable energy source for sites without power.

We have a range of solutions for sites that don’t have mains access. All our equipment can be installed rapidly.

Access Control

Fingerprint system, facial recognition and card reader solutions to protect your site.

Our bespoke systems designed and installed to meet your needs minimise the risk of unwanted guests getting access. We offer options that keep a log of who has been or is in your premises.

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High-end security systems and training to use them

CCTV installation and maintenance


Access control systems


Perimeter Fencing