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A truly multi-purpose power solution

Energy Storage

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A truly multi-purpose power solution. Energy Storage is essential as part of a renewable solution mix.

Energy Storage is ideal for capturing generated excess energy for use at a time when needed or to be sold back to the grid for a residual income.

Our containers come complete with fire suppression aircon BMS and EMS. Our approach is to eliminate many of the hidden costs associated with purchasing and installing systems of this type so we ensure civils are included in the final quote where relevant.

We offer built in UPS functionality in our Energy Storage Range allowing you to achieve intelligent switching between AC mains and battery in under 20 milliseconds. In many applications this will allow the system to help with safe shutdown of complex industrial systems that are sensitive to power outages. The battery will clean the power supply protecting equipment from the effects of brownouts and other power problems.

Our products range from 5kw to 3.6MW+ We can fit up to 3.6MW in a 20ft container! We want to work with our framework partners to provide a high quality reliable solutions with a high quality customer service that you expect from Circle. 

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Agile approach

we are able to react to sudden and urgent changes to industrial and commercial power demands.


Flexible Payment Structures

we identify ways to reduce CAPEX spend while managing OPEX. This allows business to function in healthy manner while working toward their carbon emission goals


Respected capital project experience

we have inhouse capability to oversee and deliver large projects           


No Technology Bias

we provide systems that fit your needs and best interests. Often this means that the final solutions may come from a variety of sources.


Global Partner with the Local Touch

We are happy to work with you on your power projects anywhere. This will allow your company to centralise it’s supply chain and standardize your systems



by developing a series of off the shelf, simple solutions we reduce the need for modifications and therefore help you with your overall cost control


Customer Champion

We want all of our customers to experience our unique personal touch that is the hallmark of our group of companies


Turnkey solutions

We feel that clearly stating the true cost of a project in clear documentation is the right way, so civils and all installation costs are included in our final costings for you