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At Circle, our vetting experts can deliver you fast, reliable vetting checks to make sure the background of your staff is properly checked and to comply with audits against vetting standards.

We offer pay-per-candidate screening packages for flexibility and convenience as well as bespoke services if you need something beyond our standard packages.


ID document checks and right to work checks in the UK

Current address verification

Financial check including for CCJs or bankruptcies

Credit check including any CCJs for up to £10,000

Three years of employment history

Five years of employment history checks with references.

Qualification check

Current or past directorship check

Baseline Personnel Security Standard

BPSS Clearance

Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) screening is mandatory for all levels of Government positions.

It replaced the Basic Check in 2006 and the importance of pre-employment vetting is recognised by both the Government’s Cabinet Office and for the protection of National Infrastructure.

BPSS checks are essential for reducing the risk of illegal workers and identity fraud as well as to protect national security and Government assets.

Due to the rapid increase of people with access to the Public Services Network (PSN) and other Government services, the BPSS has become a fundamental tool in Government recruiting services.

Entry level screening is based on four key elements of the BPSS standard which must be verified with the RICE acronym.

  • Right to Work: Verification of Nationality, ID documentation and immigration status.
  • Identity: Data check (electronic identity authentication: name, address, aliases, links, accounts etc.)
  • Criminal Records: Search for ‘unspent’ convictions (Basic Disclosure)
  • Employment checks: Confirmation of three years’ minimum employment history / activity.

RICE framework checks also include whether the applicant has spent time abroad for more than six months in the past three years.
BPSS is essential for candidates who might be working with sensitive information including telecommunications, emergency services, energy, finance, food, government and public services, health, transport and water.

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The BPSS is essential for candidates who might be working with sensitive information including


Emergency Services




Government & Public Services




an asset to your business

BS7858 Vetting

This British Standard BS 7858 helps employers to screen personnel before they employ them. It provides best-practice recommendations and sets the standard for the security screening of staff in an environment where the safety of people, goods or property is essential.

This includes data security, sensitive and service contracts, and confidential records. It can also be applied to situations where security screening is in the public’s interest.

The standard sets out all the necessary requirements to conduct a security screening process. It covers ancillary staff, acquisitions and transfers, and the security conditions of contractors and subcontractors.

Who uses BS7858 vetting?

BS 7858 is widely used in the security industry, but many employers need this level of screening for many kinds of job role. These may include healthcare professionals, engineers, auditors and construction workers.