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Planned Preventative Maintenance

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We offer cost-effective preventive maintenance programmes designed for your needs with schedules for building systems, M&E plant and equipment.

Whether they’re carrying out routine visits or based on your site seven days a week, our multi-skilled team of experienced servicing professionals work to minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

They are backed by our digital asset management control system covering plant and equipment service schedules, fabric and decorative works, structural and equipment servicing.

We can also carry out safety inspections and issue safety certificates for landlords.

We’ll work with you to develop a way of working that suits your operational and financial circumstances, from providing on-site staff, seven days a week to regular visits and site inspections, which can include a combination of our in-house specialists and OEM service staff.

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Digital Asset Control System

Our digital asset control system manages multiple aspects of preventative maintenance.


Plant and equipment service schedules

We offer planned preventative maintenance services to identify and stop problems before they cause significant disruption.

Our digital asset platform tracks plant and equipment service schedules.


Fabric and decorative works

Our digital asset control system also manages our fabric and decorative works.

From room decoration to repairs to building fabric, you can rely on our skilled team.


Equipment servicing

When it comes to equipment servicing, we’ll work with you in a way that suits your operational and financial circumstances.

This might mean providing on-site staff, seven days a week, or it might involve regular visits and site inspections. We’re happy to work with your in-house specialists and OEM service staff too.


Structural servicing

On structural servicing, we work with our clients to ensure the service we provide fits their needs.

It’s crucial to get structural work right, so we pride ourselves on only employing the most trained and skilled staff.

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Minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs

Cost-effective preventive maintenance

Multi-skilled professional team

Digital asset management control

Safety inspections and certificates for landlords