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Safe Holistic Offering

We offer a wide product selection based on a standard range of flexible technology offerings. We maintain the Crystal safety heritage with new safe chemistries.

Technology Agnostic

We have the flexibility to introduce new technologies to our brand portfolio. We are approached through our network to review new technologies that need commercializing.

Std Product Range +IP

We have a range of in-house Hardware, Firmware and Software that we add to the
standard energy storage product range.

Low OH Cost Structure

We operate a Lean plan ensuring that we do not need to carry large cumbersome overhead costs. This
allows us to offer quick delivery, meet high volume demand and provide low cost solutions to end users.


Flexible Supply Chain

Products manufactured at multiple facilities and locations to ensure that we can meet demand, avoid supply chain issues and benefit from import/export duties and taxes.

Low risk

Our plan is built around a risk mitigation strategy based on years of experience in manufacturing and service environments. We are putting to work the best of our years of lessons learned which users benefit from.


Same Facilities as Majors

Many of the facilities we use are the same 07 exact facilities utilized by majors such as Schneider Electric and SMA for component supply, our quality is matched if not better.

Global Reach Local Presence

We have strategically placed global offices for on the ground support to show that we are present. We have the ability to provide higher value of local product content than competitors.