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Uninterruptible Power Supplies


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When it has to stay on, it has to stay on. Uninterruptable Power Supplies are a tried and trusted solution to protect critical power loads.

We have a comprehensive, high quality range which provide load protection for anything from a small office, CCTV system or small server to high demand data centres. We have solutions for Lifts, environmental, industrial, extreme temperature, Water (IP54/WIMES), Rail and Defence applications.

Our ranges are power efficient and user friendly with most sub 10KVA COTS solutions available for next day delivery. All this at a very competitive price point. Have you been impacted by the new regulations regarding critical power?


Our UPS Range tackles the key power problems.

All of our Commercial UPS products are True Online so that all of our systems tackle the most common power problems in the most effective way:

Harmonic Distortion

Power Sag

Power Spike



Line Noise

Frequency variation

Switching Transient

Power Outages