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Most Pioneering Security & FMServices Company 2024 – UK

Most Pioneering Security & FM
Services Company 2024 – UK

With over 30 years’ of industry experience, Circle UK Group has developed an extensive portfolio of security and facilities management services. From its beginnings as a security company supplying security guards and K9 teams to London clients, the business has now expanded into concierge services, waking watch, alarms, towers, steel security as well as an ever expanding list of services within the facilities management sector. Recognised in this year’s Security Awards, Circle UK Group is driven by values of total transparency, effective communication, and constant monitoring and reporting to ensure clients stay safe and secure. 

At Circle, the business draws on its vast expertise to deliver excellence through its range of bespoke security, FM, and training services. The addition of an FM (facilities management) department allows the business to assist clients with all their property and security requirements. The company provides services to business premises and homes throughout Greater London and the Southeast as well as projects across the UK. Catering to landlords, property owners, local authorities, and businesses of all sizes, Circle strives to provide exceptional services that meet every client’s unique needs. By remaining steadfast in its core values, the business can ensure it goes above and beyond for clients while keeping up to date with the latest industry developments. 

Kyri Anastasi, CEO at Circle UK Group, says, “The security industry is constantly changing and keeping up with the times is essential. Circle are always looking towards the future to invest and develop any security services that can support the efficiency and safety of our guards and sites we monitor. By combining solutions such as physical man guards and tech, we can ensure even the largest sites are completely covered at all times. Our 24/7 control room plays a huge part in the ability to monitor and support staff and sites at all times.” 

The Circle team is committed to delivering the highest level of service with its professional management team dedicated to making recommendations that fit clients’ needs. Staff play a crucial role in the company and the business prides itself on the hardworking attitude of its teams. Circle’s open door policy and commitment to transparent communication allows staff to be honest and communicate new ideas, alternative procedures, and any concerns. At Circle, its team believe that every problem can be solved by working together and collaborating closely with clients. 

Circle’s security services offer manned guarding, high-end security systems, patrols and inspections, dog handlers, and various security tiers. Its experienced security officers are an asset to any business, providing 24/7 access, collecting deliveries, and reporting urgent site issues. From a 24/7 control room, Circle guards monitor CCTV feeds and send alerts to clients, their contractors, emergency services, or Circle’s support team. Offering round-the-clock reception and concierge services, security officers work efficiently to ensure clients’ premises remain protected and secure. 

As a business that has experienced monumental growth, Circle has overcome many challenges in the spheres of skilled workforce and talent acquisition. By turning these challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation, the company has been driven to develop more innovative and efficient solutions. In its rapidly evolving industry, Circle has encountered numerous issues with recruiting, requiring the company to reassess and strengthen its defences. Through a combination of proactive risk assessment, pioneering solutions, and comprehensive employee training programs, the business has built a strong recruitment and supply chain framework designed to further enhance the company’s and foster clients’ trust. 

In terms of talent acquisition, locating and retaining first-class talent in a competitive market has presented its own challenges. Circle has developed a multi-faceted approach to support its operations. This involves fostering a positive work culture that prioritises growth and ongoing training, offering competitive compensation packages, and utilising technology to streamline its recruitment processes and quickly identify the best candidates. The company is dedicated to embracing change to stay ahead of the curve and deliver outstanding, cost-effective services to its valued clients. Circle has developed affordable solutions that prioritise quality without reducing the quality that clients have come to expect. 

Over the coming year, Circle will concentrate on investing further in the next generation of talent, empowering young professionals by providing them with the resources, mentorship, and opportunities to succeed in the ever-evolving business landscape. By cultivating an environment of innovation and continuous learning, the business has nurtured a dynamic workforce that will continue propelling Circle to future success. In addition, Circle will continue its research and development initiatives in the digital and technological realms. Whether innovation involves new advancements in AI, data analytics, or cybersecurity, the company is passionate about pushing the boundaries of possibility to develop cutting-edge security solutions. 

Karol Konicz the COO says, “Looking ahead, our pipeline is brimming with exciting projects and initiatives aimed at driving growth, enhancing efficiency, and delivering value to our stakeholders. While we can’t reveal all the details just yet, rest assured that we have ambitious plans in store for the years to come. From expanding our product offerings to forging strategic partnerships and exploring new markets, we are committed to charting a course for long-term success and sustainability.” 

For over 10 years, Circle has provided its clients with a comprehensive portfolio of facilities management and security services designed to meet clients’ exact requirements. The business cares deeply about its teams and the communities it serves as well as delivering exceptional services in its pursuit of excellence. Core values of integrity, quality, transparency, and open communication have positioned Circle at the forefront of the security and facilities services industry where the company will continue to push the limits of innovation. For its consistent delivery of innovative services, we have bestowed on Circle UK Group this year’s award for Most Pioneering Security & FM Services Company – UK. 

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